Online Dating Tip How to Avoid the Information Overload

According to a study by Jupiter Research the online dating market in the US will grow to $932 million annually by 2011. This is good news because it means their will be more online dating partners to choose from. The downside is information overload. Too many choices can lead many people not to take action.

While you do not want to be choosy to the point that no one fits the bill, you should have in place some filters to make the process a little bit easier. 1. Ask informative questions This can be a long process but it is absolutely necessary. In the offline world it's a little bit easier to size the person up and decide if you want to make a go of it. Not so with online dating. You have to keep probing just to make sure it's is okay to even meet with this person for the first time.

Don't be afraid to ask the questions that need asking. Find out about their hobbies, goals, educational background as well as other interests. Make sure what they say matches their profile and even then try to investigate further. This is not only for your safety (being anonymous is both a blessing and a curse in the online world) but to see if there is a connection that the two of you can build on. 2.

Attraction When you see someone's profile do you think nice, no thanks or maybe? You should be able to answer that one quickly. Yes you want to get to know a person beyond their photo but let's face it; right now that and the profile are all you've got to go on. Attraction is one of the main ingredients to building a dating relationship. If it's not there then don't waste your time.

There are too many other choices out there waiting for you. 3. Personalize With the overwhelming number of potential dating partners it's easy to develop a standard response. When you see someone you are interested in try to personalize your messages. You don't know the person so be respectful but let them know there was something in their profile or photo that caught your eye; the less obvious the better.

Showing keen observation is a plus. A good sense of humor in your correspondence doesn't hurt either. 4. The Best Policy If a potential dating partner tells you they are a world class pilot but what they really mean is they work the baggage terminal at the local airport you would rightly be angry. So be honest with the person you are interested in. A little exaggeration here and there may jazz up the profile but it is no way to start or build a dating relationship.

Lying to the other person is bad enough but it also shows a lack of trust in yourself; not believing that what you bring to the table is just as good as what the other person has to offer. Wrong. Honesty is not only essential but very attractive. Online dating is a numbers game and it can be overwhelming. But when it works it's as good as anything offline. Utilize the tips above and take advantage of this growing phenomenon to find that special someone in your life.

Article written by Daryl Campbell- The Relationship Tip- To get the most out of online dating be sure to ask these three questions

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