Paintball Guns – Tips to Help You Choose a Marker

There are so many paintball guns for sale these days, it can be hard knowing just what sort of marker to buy. You want a decent gun for your money, but do you really need to spend a fortune on the latest technology to survive out on the paintballing field?

When it comes to buying any kind of paintball gear, speaking to experienced players is a great way to get info on where to buy the best paintball stuff. The following information should also help you make the decision.

When paintball games first took off, players had to make do with basic guns that could only shoot a single shot each time they were cocked. Then technology advanced to pumps, where you could feed paintballs into the breach by rocking your gun forward.

Paint tubes came next, which allowed paintballers to fire many times. After that, hoppers were introduced, which were thought to be a fantastic advance for the sport as they could hold all the paint you’d need for the game.

Semi automatic guns then appeared on the scene, which fired balls much faster. Motorized loaders were added and Autocockers became all the rage, especially among paintballers who played in tournaments. Now a range of electronic guns are available, that can be programmed to do whatever you want.

Full autos can carry on firing as long as the trigger is down, and offer a selection of firing modes and adjustable rates of fire. Because they can shoot so fast, many recreational paintball fields require players to put a tournament lock on their gun before they play so as not to have an unfair advantage over their opponents.

Which type of marker you buy depends on your level of ability and how often you want to play. For beginners, many stores offer special paintball gun packages, which include all the basic equipment such as masks, air tanks and hoppers. These starter kits can be good value. Good entry level brands that are reasonably priced include Kingman Spyder, Tippmann and Piranha guns. Look for guns that allow upgrades, so you can build your own gun by trying different barrels and triggers, as your skills progress. For more advanced paintballers, quality markers include Smart Parts and Angle electronic guns.

A combination of tactical skills, team strategy and a reliable gun are key. Good paintball markers should be light enough to easily maneuver, while being robust enough to stand up to the fast paced action. There are some fantastic online paintball stores that sell a range of guns and paintball supplies at affordable prices, so you should be able to find a gun that’s right for you and your budget!