Parenting Tips for Young Parents

Everyone has tips for new parents but nor everyone knows what is best for that families situation. Some parents try to get help from an outside source like some of the agencies that are out there to help out others. The only problem is that some of them that are giving out the advice have no children of their own.

Some people that are asked advice should really not be giving tips because their tips may have not worked in their own family. So why do they think it would work in someone else's? Or it could be the opposite of where it worked in theirs but not in another family. It makes it hard to get or give parenting tips because every situation is different.

The best tips that have been heard so far is that you do not have to explain yourself to your kids. Another one would be do not get into yelling battles with your kids because neither of you will get anywhere with it and do not give in to them about what you say needs done and what they feel that they need to know what will happen if it does get done in a timely matter. No matter how you would go about it you need to hold your ground in what you believe is the right way. Don't let others control what you say needs to be done and how it needs to be done. Plus you need to stick with what you say will be the consequences if something is not done to you satisfaction.

Just like if you say that they are not allowed to go somewhere or do something you would need to stick to what you say or they will walk all over you. And you may be able to give a little when things are done to your satisfaction and beyond with out asking to be done. One thing you could do is give an allowance if they do the work without being asked and if they do more than asked then give a little extra. Most of all just sit down and let the kids know what you want them to do for you.

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