Self Defense Moves

Martial arts have come so far since the old days of traditional forms and kung fu hoopla. I can still recall when everyone referred to every martial art as either karate, kung fu or judo. Wow, was it ever sad. Well, things have changed; or evolved actually. Countless styles of self-defense are put to the test in modern times, and many have been proven insufficient.

Actually all of them have in one way or another. What we have to realize is that all styles are not created equal, all self defense moves are not high percentage, and mastering a martial art will not make you invulnerable to attack. In reality anyone can lose in a physical confrontation.

Your mind is so much more powerful than most folks give it credit for. Would you be shocked to discover that great self defense moves are not the key to surviving the streets? Sure, they play a part in defending yourself from attackers, but they're not the main factor. Knowing your environment, being aware of your surroundings, and knowing where not to venture at certain times are crucial. And furthermore, it's imperative to follow your gut.

If your intuition steers you in one direction, pay attention. It's there to assist you in staying safe. . .

If you are a woman, and seeking effective self defense moves for potential attacks on the street, I strongly urge you to take a women's self-defense program, as opposed to a traditional martial arts class. While martial arts training is great in some respects, it's not what you're looking for. Unless you're training for competitions or MMA events, turn to something a bit less drawn-out and involved. A basic women's self-defense course will be fairly brief so you can absorb it. The qualified instructor will teach you practical self defense moves that can definitely save your life on the street.

He/she will go over potential weapons that you already have on your person, how to escape dangerous situations, when to fight back and when to run screaming. Staying safe on the street doesn't mean infinite years of kung fu training. It means basic knowledge, a few high percentage self defense moves, and trusting your intuition. Anyone who takes the time to learn can stay safe from potential attackers and dangerous situations.


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