Setting up a Home Poker Game

Home poker is a different and unique way to bring your friends together for a fun filled evening. In most states playing poker in a casual setting is legal and considered "social gambling". To be on the safe side check with your individual state laws. There is some information that you should know before you get started.

The following are some helpful tips to setting up your home poker night. ? Find room that will accommodate your friendly poker game. The room should have enough seating for all your guests. ? Purchase enough Nevada poker chips.

Make sure your have 25% extra for rebuys. Poker chips mean something different to the different people that use them. They represent cash to the casinos, to the person gambling at the casino they represent a way to keep track of your winnings and losses and to a collector they are history and art. There are many different kinds of Nevada poker chips available in the market place today. They are classified according to their weight. There are 5 gram, 8 gram, 9 gram, 11.

5 gram, 13 gram and 13.5 gram poker chips. There are the inexpensive types of chips.

These are plastic chips. These are usually used by poker players who play less frequently. These Nevada poker chips can be single colored or two color tones. There are also round and square Nevada poker chips made of mother of pearl. These are sometimes called plaques.

These cost about twice the cost of the plastic chips. Hollywood uses these chips in most of their movies that have casino scenes. The third group of Nevada poker chips is the round clay poker chips. These are the most popular type of poker chips.

They are definitely not made of clay but are made from plastic and have a metal insert. The metal is inserted in the poker chips to give them weight. ? Invest in the poker clock software if you are running a poker tournament.

This software allows you to keep track of add-ons, payouts, rebuys and such. ? Have 3 deck of cards per table ? Send out invites to your guest: include on the invites the date, time and location, the amount of the buy-in, maximum number of players and the game that will be played. Distribution of players, the stakes.

Make it as authentic as possible. ? If you decide on a tournament, you can find the forms you need on various poker websites on line. Nevada poker chips and accessories for your game night can be purchased online from the various poker retailers.

On game day, have a well stocked snack table and bar and above all, remember to have fun.

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